Administration + Users

In Carpay, you can control which staff at your dealership have access to Carpay. You can add unlimited number of users, and also control their permissions.

To manage/add users, navigate to the administration page of Carpay in the upper-right part of the screen.



You can add a new user by clicking “Add New User.”




From there, you can set their permissions.

  • Admin users can view this administration page, add/delete users, and refund payments.
  • Regular users cannot view the administration page (therefore cannot add/delete users) and can only refund payments if given the permission. You can give regular users the permission to refund payments, if applicable.
  • “Add to all locations” allows that user to access each dealership’s locations, if applicable.




You can also manage existing users by clicking on their name, which allows you to permit or remove their refund permissions at any time.

Upon creation of a user, that user will receive a text or email allowing them to set their password. Users can login to Carpay via

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