Cash Payments (Paysafe) FAQ

Paysafe is an optional feature offered by Carpay that allows customers to make Cash payments at participating retail stores nearest to your borrowers. If you are a current Carpay dealer and would like to request more information, please reach out to your Customer Success Specialist.


Can the customer dispute the cash payment?

There are no chargeback risks involved with cash payments.


Is there a limit on the volume that a dealership can take in cash payments?

There is no limit on the total amount in cash payments a dealership can take. However, there are limits to how much a customer can pay per day. It is unlikely that your customer will hit their daily cash limit.


How long until I receive my funding/cash processed?

Funding takes 2 business days for the money to hit your dealership’s bank account, not including bank holidays.


Is there a fee involved for the dealer to accept cash or use Paysafe?

There is no cost for the dealership to accept cash. There is a $4 service fee that is paid by the customer.


Can the customer generate a barcode on both the mobile app and online?

Yes, it’s compatible with both the mobile app and online.


Does the customer have to be a registered payer on Carpay to pay cash?

The customer does not need to be a registered payer to make a cash payment. However, we advise that all customers register their account to make payments easier.


When does the barcode expire?

After 72 hours. If the payment is going to be made after 72 hours of the barcode being generated, the customer will need to generate a new barcode.


How much can a customer pay with each barcode?

The customer can make a minimum payment of $10 and maximum payment of $999 per barcode.


Does the customer’s account get updated in Carpay when they make a cash payment?

Yes, the customer’s account will reflect that they made an in-store cash payment. The payment’s behavior will be the same as if they paid with a credit/debit card.

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