General Questions

Is there a long-term contract with Carpay?

No. There is no commitment to use Carpay, and no cancellation fees if you decide to stop using Carpay.


How long does my money take to deposit after a customer pays through Carpay?

Carpay is proud to offer next-day funding to most of our dealerships.


What happens if order a vehicle repossession and then a customer tries to make a payment through Carpay?

On your Carpay Dealer Dashboard, you can “Block” customers. Blocked customers will be unable to make payments on Carpay. Carpay will notify blocked customers to contact you if they try to pay through Carpay.


What if I don’t accept partial payments?

There is a setting on the Carpay Dealer Dashboard that allows you to allow/disallow partial payments.


Can I take down payments on Carpay?

Yes, you can use your physical terminal or the Carpay virtual terminal to process down payments.​


Is there a way I can see all of my payments from my phone; say if I’m not in the office or at the auction?

Yes, you’ll be able to access your Carpay dealer dashboard from any web or mobile browser, which will display a list of every payment that has been entered into your DMS from any payment source (including Carpay).

I'm a Dealer

Support articles for dealerships using the Carpay LMS.

I'm a Payer

Support articles for those making payments on their car notes using the Carpay system.



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