How to Prevent “Friendly Fraud” (Chargebacks)

Do your customers allow friends, family members, or significant others to make payments towards their loan?


The Approved Payer Names feature prevents any unauthorized people from making payments towards your customers’ loans.

To enlist someone as an Approved Payer:

  1. Go to the customers profile
  2. Click “Approved Payer Names
  3. Type in the exact name shown on the credit card of the payer who is authorized to make payments towards the loan
  4. Add any additional names exactly matching the name shown on the credit card
    1. We suggest adding multiple versions of their name such as: “John Doe” and “John A. Doe”



  • If the customer who created the loan is the only person authorized to make payments towards the loan, you can add the customer’s name as an approved payer so that any other person who attempts to make a payment for that loan will be declined.
  • If the customer and one other person(s) is authorized to make payments towards the loan, add both the customer’s name and the additional person(s).

We always recommend having a credit card authorization form filled out prior to adding a name to prevent any chargeback disputes from happening in the future. The Credit Card Authorization form template is attached to this article.

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