Initiating Partial Refunds in Wayne Reaves

Voiding or refunding a payment made in Carpay is a two-part process due to the fact that your merchant account does not directly communicate to your DMS.

Partial refunds cannot be initiated until after the transaction is processed and batched, which may be up to 24-48 hours after the transaction was initially processed.

This tutorial is only for those using CardPointe as their merchant provider. If you were setup with a different merchant provider, please contact your Customer Success Specialist for help with initiating a partial refund as it will differ from the instructions provided here.



Part One: CardPointe

Log into your merchant account (CardPointe) and visit the “Reporting” section. Then search for the transaction you wish to initiate a partial refund.



Once you find the transaction, click on the transaction ID. From there, you will be inside of that transaction. Click on “Refund” and enter the amount you wish to refund, and a reason if applicable.


Once submitted, refunds can take up to 3‐5 business days to reflect in your/your customer’s bank account.



Part Two: DMS Void

Now that the refund was initiated, we have to adjust the DMS.

Within your Wayne Reaves DMS, you will need to void the original transaction entirely. Once completed, create a manual transaction for the new adjusted amount. For example, if the original payment was $10, and I refund $2 back to the customer, I would void the $10 payment and then create a payment for $8.

This will not change the original amount within your recent payments report on Carpay, however it will accurately update the amounts on the customer-facing side of Carpay.


Do not “void/refund” the payment in Carpay if you are initiating a partial refund. The void must only be done within Wayne Reaves DMS.

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