How Do I Use a Registration Code to Login to My Carpay Account?

You can use a Registration Code to access your Carpay account if you did not provide a social security number to your dealer (or if you are having difficulty accessing with your last name/social security). You will need to ask your dealer to send you this code.


How to use a Registration Code (online)

1️⃣ Navigate to
2️⃣ Towards the bottom, click on “I have a registration code.”
3️⃣ Enter your code and click submit.
4️⃣ You will need to make an online payment to finish registering your account.


How to use a Registration Code (mobile app)

1️⃣ Download the Carpay mobile application.
2️⃣ Click on the button “Guest Login.”
3️⃣ Click on “Register Now.”
4️⃣ Enter your Registration Code, email, and set a password.
5️⃣ Agree to the Terms & Conditions of Carpay.
6️⃣ Click on “Register Now” towards the bottom of the screen.


If you registered via the mobile app, you can use the same login information to access your account online.

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