Making Cash Payments using Carpay

If your dealership has the option enabled, you can make Cash payments at participating retail stores nearest to you.


If the option is available, you will log into Carpay online or via our mobile app, and click “In-Store Code”.

  • Online, this button is located at the top menu of the screen.
  • On our mobile app, this button is located at the bottom of the screen.


In-Store code



After clicking “In-Store Code,” you may enter the amount in Cash you wish to pay, then click the green “Pay” button.


Enter payment amount



Please Note: It is up to your dealership whether they accept partial payments or not.


An external window will open directing you to Paysafe with instructions on how to make your Cash payment. It will also show the nearest participating retail stores that accept PaySafe cash payments.

Once you have your barcode:

  • Navigate to the participating retail store of your choice
  • Present the barcode to the clerk for them to scan – you can simply instruct them you need to pay this barcode
  • The clerk will collect the amount in Cash plus a $4 service fee charge
  • The payment will post into Carpay and will be visible in your payment history


Please Note: The payment may show as “pending” in Carpay until your dealership approves the payment on their end.


Barcodes expire after 72 hours from their creation. If your barcode has expired prior to you using it, you may generate a new barcode.

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