Communications Portal + Features

Within the “Communications” dashboard, you are able to see if a text message and/or email was successfully delivered or if a text and/or email was not delivered.

  1. To view these Communications features:
  2. Go to the “Communications” tab
  3. Click on the “Delivered” tab to view all text/emails that were successfully delivered
  4. Click on the “Non-Delivered” tab to view any text/emails that were not successful
  5. You also are able to export this data for your records.


Within the Delivered tab, you are able to view all of the notifications that were delivered and if they were successful:



If a notification failed and did not go through, you would be able to view this on the “Non-Delivered” tab:



You can also export this data into a pdf. or a csv file for safe keeping!



Now, when a customer tells you they “never got” the text or email, you are able to check and see!

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