What is PCI? How to Get Compliant

If Carpay provided you with a merchant account, you’ll have ninety (90) days to complete your PCI Compliance questionnaire in order to remain PCI Compliant with the card networks (VISA, MasterCard, etc.), or you will be billed $29.95/mo for each month thereafter that the questionnaire remains outstanding. If you remain non-compliant for longer than that, the fee may incrementally increase over time.





Managing PCI Compliance

When merchants first sign up they have a 90 day (3 month) grace period before they will begin to get charged the non-compliance fee. Once they are out of this grace period they have until the 15th of the month to avoid getting charged the fee that month.

CardConnect WILL add a monthly charge of $29.95 for non-compliant merchants after 90 days.

CardPointe users can access the Trustwave CardConnect PCI Program from within the CardPointe application, without the need to enter separate Trustwave login credentials.



If a user is not already registered with Trustwave, an account will be created automatically upon accessing Trustwave through CardPointe for the first time.


Accessing Trustwave through CardPointe

  1. Login to CardPointe.
  2. Navigate to “My Account”.
  3. If an account’s Merchant ID (MID) is not PCI compliant, a message displays at the top of the “My Account” screen. Click Learn how to get compliant” to automatically log in to Trustwave. Additionally, users can click the Non-Compliant link that displays in the My Merchant Account” section of the My Account” screen to automatically log in to Trustwave.
  4. If an account’s Merchant IDs are PCI compliant, click the Compliant” link that displays in the My Merchant Account” section of the “My Account” screen to automatically log in to Trustwave.

If a merchant has multiple MIDs that are “chained” together in Trustwave, please contact the CardPointe Support team for additional assistance.

Once completing the PCI questionnaire, please note it takes 24-48 hours for that to reflect in your CardPointe portal.

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